Going Beyond Turn By Turn

By Marie Parducho
Business Manager of Comspec

When you think of GPS vehicle tracking, what may come automatically to mind are the turn-by-turn navigation devices that can be mounted on the dashboard of your car or the phone app included in smart phones these days.

Comspec offers a GPS vehicle-tracking solution that has more features and benefits for business owners and consumers. Imagine being able to add more stops to support customers, dispatch the nearest vehicle to service an additional customer, and know the health of your vehicles ahead of time. In addition, imagine being able to receive alerts via email or text message for vehicles going over the speed limit, accessing a restricted area, and oddhour usage.

Comspec president/founder Greg Matsui

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Comspec president/founder Greg Matsui and business manager Marie Parducho locate GPS equipped vehicles on the map of Oahu. Lawrence Tabudlo photo ltabudlo@midweek.com

Imagine no more! Our comprehensive solution offers those features plus an extensive reporting suite to collect and verify valuable data. For business owners, company vehicles are a roving billboard. Not only does our product promote driver safety and accountability, maximize productivity and increase profits, but also assist to represent a positive image. In one instance, one of our customers was able to locate and recover a stolen vehicle right away. Another customer monitors miles per gallon (mpg) usage and uses that as a positive reinforcement tool to reward good driving behavior.

Comspec president and founder Greg Matsui says, “To effectively manage your fleet and drivers, you need to know what’s going on in the field. GPS Vehicle Tracking is the technology that allows that to happen.”

For consumers, the GPS vehicle tracking device is also a good fit for individuals or families with new or seasoned drivers. Comspec is a locally owned and operated, 8(a) certified small business serving Hawaii since 2001. We started out as a telecommunications consulting company providing engineering support to local telecom companies. Over the years we have grown to offer additional products and services to complement communications and offer flexible and effective solutions to businesses.

Our customers vary by industry yet all benefit from the products and services we offer.

For more information, visit comspec-hi.com.