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Going Above And Beyond At C.S. Wo

Dear Pamela,

As an elderly disabled woman, I try to prepare for contingencies, but had received misinformation from another well-meaning person. When I went to C.S. Wo’s huge furniture warehouse sale I thought the exchange/credit voucher would not be an issue. When I went to settle my bill, I was told it was not going to work. Jennifer Wee took it upon herself to come to my rescue and went beyond the normal protocol to solve my problem. If she is representative of C.S. Wo employees, I commend her and the company highly, and they are lucky to have such a diligent staff member.

Karen Taniguchi Pearl City

Dear Karen,

Retail operations manager Kent Koito says Jennifer is quick to address, analyze and resolve customers’ misunderstandings and issues. “By being customer service-oriented and -focused, she finds the best solutions,” he says. “As retail operations office manger, she has good judgment of character, is dependable, trustworthy and has been an asset to C.S. Wo & Sons for the past 13 years.”

Dear Pamela,

About three weeks ago my husband and I were shopping at Home Depot in Kapolei. We bought a security screen door and thought it would fit into the trunk and back seat of the car. It didn’t, so my husband took it back to customer service to make arrangements to pick it up another time. A gentleman by the name of Brian Cummings said he was driving into town and offered to drop off the door at our house! I was waiting outside when my husband called me and told me the great news! I smiled all the way home, thinking of the goodness in this man. Thank you, Brian, and God bless you!

Charlyn Yonesaki Ewa Beach

Dear Charlyn,

Chris Sanehira, Home Depot Kapolei assistant store manager, is happy your problem was resolved by a Good Samaritan, but just in case you find yourself in a similar predicament, he wants you to know that Home Depot has a truck rental service called Load and Go especially for customers with big purchases. It costs $19 for the first hour, $10 for every additional hour, or $69 a day.

Dear Pamela,

I have a story to share with you. I ride my bicycle to the bus station every morning at about 5:30. On my journey, I noticed a man regularly sitting in front of a liquor store. One day I stopped to ask the man if he was all right and if he needed any help. The man answered that he was OK. He explained that he sits in front of the liquor store every day because this is the location at which he hears his son’s voice the loudest.

His son recently died at age 14. Before he died, the son asked his dad to make a promise to him that he would not drink anymore. The dad said that he would stop drinking. Now the man revisits the place where he will be reminded of his promise.

Just thought to share that with you.


Dear E.J.,

Mahalo for your touching story. Most of the angels we talk about are simply good people doing good deeds, but some angels are truly angels! How blessed this man is to have had 14 years with such a loving son, who continues to watch over him.

Our thanks to Larry Takao for pointing you in our direction.