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A No Go! Vacation Saved By Hawaiian

Dear Pamela,

During their visit here, my parents were treating us with a quick vacation to Kauai with them to see the Na Pali Coast. They had paid quite a bit for a boat tour, booked months prior. Upon our arrival at the airport, we followed the signs to our airline and then it dawned on me that Go! airline went out of business. They had booked our tickets with an online travel site, but I did not know which one. Needless to say, the news of the closure had not quite reached the news outlets in Ohio. We were panicked. We thought we would have to either lose the money for the tour or pay hundreds of dollars for a last-minute island hop. Debbie at the Hawaiian Airlines counter saved our vacation. She calmed us with a smile and said that Hawaiian would honor our ticket price with Go! My parents are still waiting for refund from the travel site for the tour, but Debbie saved the day. We even had business-class seats, which made for a great beginning to a beautiful short trip! A big mahalo to Debbie. I wish I would have thought to get her last name. We would love to see her thanked.

Jeri Duncan
Schofield Barracks

Dear Jeri,

Since this happened some time ago, it took some investigative work. Hawaiian Airlines told us there are several “Debbies” working at counters in several terminals. Finally, the search was narrowed and the airline reveals your APPLAUSE-worthy angel to be Debbie Keli’i.

Dear Pamela,

I have been a regular Handi-Van passenger since 2002. On one of my trips home, my eyeglass case with my reading glasses must have fallen out of my backpack pocket. I immediately called the Handi-Van dispatcher and reported the incident. They told me to call the lost-and-found department in the morning. The next day, I called and they said I could pick up my glasses before 4 o’clock. Being disabled, I was not able to come down until my day off, which was two days away.

That morning, while going to my job, I mentioned my situation to driver James Betham. He then asked me to call the lost-and-found department and mention his name so he could pick up my case for me, since he was getting off work in the afternoon. He actually dropped off my glasses at my residence. I really want James Betham to be recognized as a Good Samaritan for us senior citizens. I really appreciate what he had done for me.

Judy Torado

Dear Judy,

“Thank you for your kind words of appreciation,” says Michelle Kennedy of TheBus. “Van operator James Betham will be presented with your letter of appreciation. Mahalo for riding The HandiVan-Van.”

Dear Pamela,

I want to thank Home Depot employee Mr. Garrett Murata for his help, patience and knowledge of appliances, especially refrigerators. He showed me what different refrigerators have dependability and quality. I was surprised to see such expertise. I want to thank him for his kindness. He needs to be “Salesman of the Year”!

C.T. Uyeunten

Dear C.T.,

Longtime Home Depot Alakawa employee Garrett “Masa” Murata gets high praise from his managers. “He’s doing a great job,” says supervisor Amare Belay. “He knows his appliances and knows how to communicate with his customers. Mahalo for your letter acknowledging Masa!”

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