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Glen Tomlinson

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Owner, Home Of The Brave Brewing Company

Where were you born and raised? Los Angeles. I came to Hawaii to attend University of Hawaii, met my wife and we’ve been here ever since.

Home of The Brave created a pale ale specifically to appeal to a broad market, much like many larger brewers. There’s been a huge resurgence in craft brewing. What sparked yours? We’ve worked with the military for 20 years through our custodial work at our museum, but a few years ago our sons both in college began to get interested in craft brewing and in making their own beer. Our son Duke was determined to get into the brewing business.

Unusual for a college kid. Yes, exactly. We laughed, too imagine, a college kid wanting to get into the beer business! But he was serious about craft beers and wrote a thesis on opening a brewing company, and his brother was already a serious home brewer.

But that’s still a long way from marketing and producing a great beer. Yes, but from there we had help developing a recipe that would appeal to the average guy who enjoys a domestic beer. And then we took that recipe to Maui Brewing Company and to Garrett Marrero. He completely understood what we wanted to do, he is like a brother to our family.

So now people can drink Home of The Brave Pale Ale at several bars and restaurants. Yes, on the military bases, of course and also being able to give back at the same time and also at JJ Dolan’s and at Hard Rock Café.

What’s always in your fridge? That seems like a ridiculous question. Our beer! And we’re constantly trying new craft beers to see what’s out there. We have come up with some new beers a commemorative dark lager, a Sailor Stout … so those are what we’re drinking right now.

Your beers are a way of giving back and honoring the military, but your private museum is a testament to the heroes of World War II. Yes, it’s a constantly changing, living, breathing museum. We have families that donate sentimental pieces because they know that everything here means so much to us.

Do you have any time to go out to eat? (Laughs) No, not really. But when we do, we like to go to JJ Dolan’s, and to CPK. Mostly, though, we’re too busy to eat out.

With whom would you most like to have a beer? John Wayne because my dad was buddies with him, and he said he was a great guy. He represented something of his era. I think he would have been cool to have a beer with.