Giving Kitchens A Face Lift

By Michele Pauly
Co-owner of Essential Cabinets Refacing Inc.

Giving your kitchen a fresh, charming look is less expensive and time-consuming a project than you may think. Founded in 1989, Essential Cabinets Refacing Inc. is dedicated to providing quality product choices at extremely competitive prices.


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Michele Pauly

We do stress that refacing is quite different than refinishing. Oftentimes we have to let people know we are not a painting company.

In essence, refacing is a face lift for your kitchen. What we specialize in is the removal of your existing drawers and drawer fronts, replacing them with your chosen new cabinet faces and styles. We have hundreds of selections, styles and shapes of cabinet and drawer fronts to choose from. Even though this is a basic job, it makes a big difference. Of course, if people really wanted to change their kitchen, they could always consider completely remodeling it. This would be expensive, however, some homeowners could always get a secured loan against their home. This would allow them to complete the remodel. Perhaps some people should consider using a secured loan calculator to see how much they would need to borrow.

The box frames will remain intact and we will work around those, customizing the new fronts to your desired expectations.

We do stick with European-style cabinetry because of its high quality, durability and aesthetic presence. We use no compressed woods and provide quality materials that fit your price range. We urge potential customers to get a feel for the market, gathering two or three estimates, so they are most comfortable with our competitive advantage. After shopping, you will find we are on average 10-20 percent cheaper than our competition.

All of our employees have great attitudes, providing quality work. It is not uncommon for us to receive calls 10 years after a project’s completion from someone who needs refacing work done in their new home or investment project.

On average, renovations are completed between six and seven days. Of course, that varies with the extensiveness of the project. We will work later into the afternoon and weekends, making sure each project is completed in a timely manner.

Refacing through Essential Cabinets Refacing Inc. also will allow you to take advantage of our dealer-price partnership with Servco on many major kitchen appliances. Being in the improvement business for so long, we also can offer fantastic referrals for your other home improvement needs.

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