Giving Homeowners Peace Of Mind

JEOFFREY CUDIAMAT, CEO of Structural Hawai‘i Inc.

When you first think about designing your home or business, most often, people will seek out an architect. But have you heard about a structural engineer? And what they do? How important it is to have a good structural engineer?

A good analogy that I created was to imagine your home like the human body. The outside or aesthetic features — such as your skin, hair, color, etc. — that is all designed by an architect. But the inside, what actually holds up your body, what is literally the backbone or bones of your body, that is what we primarily do, the structural engineering of a home.

You can have the most unique and beautifully designed home, but it is the structural engineering that will help make it possible to build.

We design the size of the beams, the posts, the footings, etc. for your home. And, there is no one way to do the engineering, but we make sure that we keep the costs economical, as well as practical to be built by your contractor.

Jeoffrey Cudiamat volunteers at an elementary school in Pearl City for its career day. PHOTOS COURTESY STRUCTURAL HAWAI‘I INC.

A person’s home is normally their largest investment in their lives. We will do the research necessary to see what possibilities there are for your property based on zoning and building regulations. We have been thankful to continue to be servicing many homeowners and business owners in the state of Hawai‘i, for almost 20 years.

We have grown to be a one-stop-shop to assist from the design process, through the permitting process for O‘ahu, all the way through to inspections during construction.

We always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, and always make sure to do our very best.

Providing homeowners with peace of mind is of utmost importance to our team at Structural Hawai‘i.

Our staff of engineers takes detailed care in their analysis and design to ensure the safety of our clients and their families.

Structural Hawai‘i Inc. is located at 1255 Kuala St. (on the second floor) in Pearl City.

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