Get Cash For Old Refrigerators

Larry the bounty hunter wants your old refrigerator – so much so he’ll give you $25 and even haul it away. Of course, if you feel like you can get more than $25 then sell it elsewhere, or you could look at the services provided through websites like and others that can offer repair options for refrigerators, as well as any other household appliances that might be in need of maintenance.

That’s the goal of Hawaii Energy’s Bounty Program – to remove and recycle such old, energy-hogging appliances and promote Energy Star models for household use.

“Many homes have older refrigerators using up a lot of electricity, costing residents hundreds of dollars to operate every year,” said Larry Newman, Hawaii Energy operations director.

“Our Bounty Program makes it easy to surrender old, but working refrigerators and freezers. Just call us today and we will take care of the rest.”

Studies show that inefficient refrigerators and freezers can cost households up to $500 or more a year in energy bills. To qualify for the “bounty,” the appliances must be at least 15 years old, currently in use, and full sized (14 cubic feet minimum); limit is one per home. To get the cash and have it removed, call 537-5577.

Residents also can receive a $50 rebate when buying an Energy Star model, or $125 if they recycle an old appliance at the same time.

The Bounty Program continues through the end of June, or as long as funds last.

Hawaii Energy is a ratepayer-funded conservation and efficiency program administered by Science Applications International Corporation, under contract to the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.