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Game Kick Your Keiki’s Memory

Skechers shoes have long been a part of my 5-year-old daughter’s wardrobe, her favorites being the light-up shoes and slippers. She just loves stomping her feet and making those lights go on, especially at night. At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, I discovered the company’s newest product, Game Kicks. It’s a shoe that doubles as an electronic Simon memory game for keiki. What a creative way to keep them entertained!


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The author's daughter testing out her Game Kicks ALISON YOUNG PHOTO

As for the big kids, sorry, they are not available in adult sizes.

It’s simple to play: You push the Press to Play button, hit the button that lights up and follow the pattern. If you want the game to be silent and play discreetly, there’s a Sound On/Off button. As you’re following the pattern, you’ll know the wrong button because it makes a distinct sound (or if the sound is off, it just stops). If you hit all the buttons correctly, all the lights blink wildly in celebration. There are about 64,000 light and sound possibilities, so it will be difficult to see the same pattern repeat.

Of course, there are two variants for girls and boys (see pictures). The girl’s style features four colorful flowers that light up (pink, green, blue and orange, and a fifth purple as the speaker), and the boy’s version features four blocks (yellow, red, green and blue). Being able to turn off the sound in the car is one of the best features, so it doesn’t drive parents/teachers crazy. Both styles come in toddler and grade school sizes (up to size 4).

My daughter is having loads of fun with these shoes, and using them with her friends. These are great, but there are a couple observations that come to mind. Unfortunately, they get her hands all dirty since she usually grabs the bottom of the shoe, so there are extra reminders to wash hands after she wears them. Plus, to keep them clean, I’d be hesitant to toss them in the washing machine as I do with her other shoes because of the electronics built into the shoe. Minor things, but they’re still worth it — in my daughter’s words, “I like the game and the pink flower the best.”

A pair of Game Kicks will cost you $65, and you should be able to find these at the Skechers Store (although I did not see any the last time I walked in there, so hopefully another shipment will be there soon) or, of course, online at Skechers.com.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Infinit

Infinit is the latest app to efficiently transfer your files (including pictures and videos) from device to device without worrying about huge megabytes or gigabytes.

As long as you have an iOS or Android device, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this free app.

The app is based on point-to-point technology that connects the sender and recipient directly. This is different from typical cloud-based services such as YouSendIt or Dropbox, which rely on a two-phase process. Infinit’s transfers are up to 30 times faster than these typical cloud-based services, since the files actually are not stored on the cloud.

It’s simple to use. After installing the app on your mobile device, install the desktop application on your computer, and let the dragging and dropping begin. Or, of course, you can send from mobile device to mobile device if the user on the other side has the app. Your transfers are private because of its end-to-end encryption mechanism, meaning only the sender and receiver can access the data.