Fukushima Leader To Share Crisis In Japan

Rev. Michinori Sasaki of Fukushima will speak at 10 a.m. July 28 at Palolo Hongwanji Mission, sharing with the public how his nonprofit Team Nihonmatsu is trying to protect the community from nuclear contamination.

Sasaki is bringing three young children with him, and the Palolo mission is seeking money, food and housing for them during their July 20-29 stay on Kauai and two days on Oahu. Palolo minister Noriaki Fujimori said they also could use a translator for Sasaki’s speech.

As a kindergarten vice principal, temple priest and father of five, Sasaki has said children are experiencing thyroid disease and other unusual health issues as a result of the radiation from the nuclear power plant failures during last year’s disasters.

“Almost every night parents come to our temple crying about their children’s health problems and their future,” he stated. “They have become exhausted protecting their children … My wife and I want to leave this city because my children are sick and have diseases, but I can’t throw away my temple.”

Disposing of contaminated materials and plants also is critical, and how to deal with the anger toward the government and the power company.

The Palolo mission is located at 1641 Palolo Ave. For details or to offer help, call 645-0237.