Having ‘Frozen’ Fun In The Islands

Christmas was all about 'Frozen' for Hana TANNYA JOAQUIN PHOTO

Christmas was all about ‘Frozen’ for Hana TANNYA JOAQUIN PHOTO

Here we are just a few days into the new year and already Santa’s Christmas gifts have broken.

Seriously. My son’s remote control-operated helicopter didn’t even make it to 2015. We charged it, did a few test flights in our house, then headed to a park to give it a go.

Yeah, it went already — went kaput.

It was so poorly designed, my son even asked, “Mommy, why did Santa’s elves make such a bad helicopter?” I was asking myself the same thing.

However, since it was from Santa, how do you go about exchanging a gift at the North Pole? #mommyproblems.

On a brighter note, my daughter is loving all of her Frozen Christmas gifts. She got a Queen Elsa doll from my parents that is taller than she is, and from Grandma and Grandpa Joaquin? Another Elsa doll that’s the perfect size to carry everywhere. It even talks and sings Let It Go.

I couldn’t help thinking how perfect it was that Hana insisted on wearing her Elsa Halloween costume Christmas Day. I wanted her to wear something else, but she made the right call.

Her presents were all of the accessories to go with her Elsa costume. We’re talking crown, snow wand and gloves, so she can really get into character and “conceal, not feel.”

All of these accessories, you guessed it, play Let It Go.

I happen to like the song. It was amusing when the director of the Disney hit recently apologized to parents.

Jennifer Lee said when the movie was first released, she would thank parents when they told her how much their families love singing Let It Go and other Frozen favorites.

But a year later, she’s gone from thanking parents to saying “sorry.”

Hana loves her Frozen gifts so much, she hauls them around from the house to the car and everywhere in between. She won’t let them go, and now that song won’t stop playing. Every time the toys shift, Let It Go starts — again.

I still found the catchy tune amusing until the other night.

My family has been battling nasty colds, and losing. Poor Hana has been tossing and turning all night. Thankfully, she has her Elsa doll to comfort her and I do my part to soothe Hana to sleep by rubbing her back. It works, so I slowly, gently crawl out of her bed.

Or so I thought. Just as I was making my great escape, one of the Elsas starts singing Let It Go at the top of her lungs.

Now that will freeze anyone in her tracks.