Four-sport Bulldog Juggles Cross Country, Football In Fall

Thomas Pule can feel his eligibility clock ticking away. The Waialua multi-sport talent is determined to leave his mark on campus.

In athletic director Bryce Kaneshiro’s view, Pule has done as much already. “He’s one of those kids you want on your team,” Kaneshiro said of Pule, who competes in cross country and football in the fall, soccer in the winter and track and field in the spring. “He’s an athletic kid who is hard working, a good student and dedicated to everything he does.”

Said Pule: “This is my last year so, before I leave this school, I’m trying to get as much done as I can.”

He’s currently playing two sports — cross country and football — for Waialua, with the latter taking up most of his time.

In the team’s recent 10-7 win over Kalaheo, Pule was part of every play as a linebacker or end on defense, or as a wide receiver on offense.

“I never get off the field — I love it,” he said.

His 27-yard field goal with eight seconds remaining proved to be the margin of victory after the Bulldogs had driven from their own end of the field into range in the game’s final minute.

“I felt the adrenaline coming on, and I could hear the crowd getting loud,” he recalled. “I had to focus and take that win from Kalaheo. It was exciting, and everyone was ecstatic, and to get that first win of the season was such a good feeling.”

As Waialua’s roster numbers just 30 this season, Pule and his senior team-mates’ leadership will have to figure big.

“They are like my second family,” he said. “I grew up with those guys, and we’ve become closer and closer.”

Pule credits his family with helping to fuel his love of sports. He also has done well in the classroom, receiving “A’s and B’s,” he said.

“My mom (Lisa DeVin-cent) pushes me to keep playing sports so I stay out of trouble. Every season, I play at least one sport.

Football and soccer are my passion. I’m thankful to my family for all of their support, including my dad (Thomas), who lives on Maui and can’t be here.”

While Pule competes with the Waialua cross country team in races, his practice time is all spent with the football team during the week.

As a wide receiver, he’s averaging 24.3 yards per catch and has one touchdown to his credit so far. Waialua’s playoff hopes likely will hinge on the outcome of their last four games, beginning with this Friday’s battle against Roosevelt.

The Bulldogs’ final home game is Sept. 26. The team will finish up with games against Anuenue and Radford on neutral sites in the last two weeks of the season.