Fort Ruger Pathway Nearing Completion

Improvements continue to be made to Diamond Head State Monument and its surrounding infrastructure, as the state broke ground on the second phase of Fort Ruger Pathway this fall.

Located next to Diamond Head and Monsarrat Drive, the pathway is a multi-use walking and cycling path that will terminate at Diamond Head Road and 22nd Avenue. Phase 2, which will cost $1.15 million, involves finishing the path, as well as installing irrigation systems and landscaping the area with native plants. Work should be completed by the end of next March.

Phase 1 renovated the road between the old Cannon Club site near Wauke Street and the American Red Cross building, at a cost of $1.37 million.

The state’s envisioned pathway will stretch over 12 acres and serve as an aesthetically pleasing recreational site and historical tribute to the former Fort Ruger Military Reservation, complementing the 475-acre Diamond Head State Monument site, which receives more than 900,000 visitors annually.

For more information, call 587-0300.