Focuses On Local Food

Last year was the 20th anniversary of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement, a culinary concept created by 12 local chefs and designed to make use of Hawaii’s local foods and flavors. To mark the occasion, L’ulu hosted “Chefs and Farmers Facing Future, a forum on food,” where hundreds of chefs, farmers, ranchers, purveyors, culinary students and other food industry professionals and consumers gathered to discuss a viable plan to improve Hawaii’s local food system.

“This year we are thrilled to continue to help the efforts of chefs and farmers facing the future as they strive to provide diners with products that are fresh, local and delicious,” Benavente said.

“This is the future, and therefore it is very important for our students, the next generation of food professionals, to learn about and understand the importance of managing our natural resources and environment.”

Tickets are $100 until Sunday and $125 after that.

To make reservations and buy tickets, call 455-0300 or 455-0298 or email