Feminism Discussions At UH West Oahu

Feminist philosophers will discuss their research this fall at UH West Oahu’s lecture series.

Sponsored by a UH Diversity and Equity Initiative Grant, the feminist philosopher lecture series aims to increase the community’s understanding of feminist perspective in areas such as ethics, epistemology and politics.

All lectures are free and are scheduled from 9:30 to 10:50 a.m. Fridays in building D151 on the university campus.

“Care ethics in a comparative context,” with Dr. Vrinda Dalmiya, is set for this Friday, covering development of feminist care ethics as a viable alternative to mainstream ethical systems. Dalmiya also will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of extending the understanding of “care” by looking at non-Western sources.

Upcoming lectures are:

* “Making space for women: the significance of cultural location (and relocation) in defining what constitutes liberation,” with Dr. Mary Tiles Oct. 24. She will discuss women and the public space. In many cultures, a woman’s place has been the home.

* Nov. 14 showcases “Feminism, then and now — what happened?” with Dr. Sharon Rowe, who will discuss the evolution of feminist movements.

For more information on the UH West Oahu Feminist Philosophers Lecture Series, call Li-Hsiang Lisa Rosenlee at 689-2356 or email lihsiang@hawaii.edu.