Family Dentist A Part Of The Ohana

Aloha Pamela,

My father woke us up at 5:30 in the morning complaining of a very severe toothache. In desperation, my wife called our family dentist Dr. Kerry Ishihara in Wahiawa. Even though it was a half-day for his office, his staff made sure to fit my father in, and Dr. Ishihara removed a very bad tooth. While on the chair, my father said that Dr. Ishihara was calm, caring and very professional. Being that my father is 92 years old and having no dental insurance, Dr. Ishihara even arranged a payment plan to help us out. Thanks to this wonderful man and his staff.

Dr. Ishihara has been our dentist for 20 years and will continue to be our dentist for many more years to come.

The Yamamotos

Dear Yamamotos,

“The Yamamotos have been coming here for a long time. After a while, patients become more like friends and family,” says Dr. Kerry Ishihara. “They were so nice, they brought us lunch the next day to thank us. I am amazed and humbled to think they would write a letter of APPLAUSE.”

Dear Pamela, My mom was shopping at Wahiawa Longs Drugs when she suddenly felt ill. My thanks goes out to all the customers, Longs staff, HFD, and the paramedics who came to her aid along with the staff at Wahiawa General Hospital, Long Term Care and Dr. Steve Yasui for making her well. She still has a long road ahead of her, but thanks to all these people she is on the road to recovery. I would like to thank family and

friends for the kind words of support and visiting my mom in the hospital. Lastly, Jon, Bert and crew, thank you for rushing to remodel her bathroom for her.

Mahalo to all!!!

Matt Chang

Dear Matt,

Unit supervisor Donald Yata and EMT Alex Berardo were the EMS personnel that day. “They were very happy to assist Mrs. Chang and are glad to hear she is on the road to recovery,” says EMS district chief Norman Hahn.

Dear Pamela, I lost my beautiful multi-colored beaded bracelet in the parking lot of the Manoa School/recreation center.

Realizing it was missing, I drove back to the parking lot to search for it and went to the Manoa Gardens management office to ask if anyone had found it. Nada!

The following week, manager Steve Wagner asked our class if anyone had lost this bracelet. He didn’t have the name of the person who turned it in, and I want to publicly thank this honest soul!

It always warms my heart to read in your column of the many honest people we have living in Hawaii. And I firmly believe in the affirmation that “what goes around, comes around”!

Salome Sato

Dear Salome,

We’re happy you were able to track down your “anonymous angel,” who evidently wishes to remain anonymous. You now have another precious memory associated with your bracelet.