Eye Lift Without Surgery

Dr. Melanie Tantisira
President and owner of True Vision Center

Where did you receive your schooling and training?

I received my medical degree from the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, graduating second in my class. I am on the clinical faculty of the University of Hawaii School of Medicine. My residency training was at the Eye and Ear Institute of the University of Pittsburgh.


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Dr. Melanie Tantisira

How long have you been in practice?

Nineteen years.

Can you describe the new Madonna Lift that True Vision Center offers?

The Madonna Lift is a non-surgical method of using a laser to tighten the eyelids, making them appear more open and youthful.

How does the procedure work?

I use a fractional CO2 laser to treat the eyelid skin over several sessions. This laser is very effective at stimulating collagen production. As collagen is produced, it causes the skin to tighten and lift. It also improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine to medium lines.

How long does the Madonna Lift take?

We allow one hour of office time for our patients – about half an hour for patient prep, including numbing time, and approximately 20 to 30 minutes for the actual procedure.

How affective is this non-surgical method?

The Madonna Lift is very effective for mild to moderate eyelid sagging.

Does it require follow-up treatment?

The eyelids will continue to age from their new set-point, and a refresher treatment may be indicated in two to five years.

How did the procedure get its name?

It is reported that the singer Madonna – whose eyes look incredible – has never had eyelid surgery, but instead prefers this laser procedure to maintain her looks. Therefore, it bears her name.

Is it dangerous to use lasers near the eyes?

Yes. That is why I am extremely cautious in protecting the eyes during the procedure. That caution includes using a special cream that doesn’t melt or run, to numb the eye, and titanium shields under the eyelids, to protect the eyes during the laser procedure.

What are the pros and cons of the Madonna Lift in relation to surgery?

Cons include slower, less dramatic change, which may not satisfy patients who desire immediate, drastic improvement. The pros are that it is safer – no risk of blindness, as is a possible risk with surgery – with little down time for healing, more-gradual “natural” changes and therefore a more natural appearance.