Experts Make Travel Easy

By Wendy Goodenow
President of HNL Travel Associates

Travel is a large part of many people’s realities, and on a regular basis it can cause a significant amount of stress and confusion. We have all experienced the challenges that travel planning and booking pose. However, with more than 200 years of combined experience on the HNL Travel Associates team, we are able to guide our clients in the right direction, eliminating stress and confusion.

Wendy Goodenow

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Wendy Goodenow

With our depth of knowledge of the travel and hospitality industry – locally in Hawaii, as well as all over the world – we are able to provide expert advice for all our clients’ needs. Our travel agents don’t just know travel; they also travel the world as often as possible in order to obtain firsthand experience of the places where we send our clients. This allows for our agents to share information with clients that will not be found in the travel books or on websites.

Every step of the way, the travel experience is tailored to the wants and needs of our clients, which allows for the best experience possible. A major advantage is that our job doesn’t stop once we have finished the travel planning and the client is en route to their destination. Our job continues until our client arrives back home from their trip. It is part of our job to help our clients if something goes wrong while they are traveling, and we will troubleshoot any problems that occur. We also provide our clients with value-added services, as we did with a newlywed couple with a special blessing in Thailand that surprised and exceeded their expectations.

With the summer holidays coming up quickly, many people are starting to plan their vacations. There are many benefits for families, business and leisure travelers to use a travel agent. With the rising costs of airline tickets, fuel costs and various extra charges, travel agents are aware of and understand the charges, and can provide the most cost-effective means of travel for the needs of each individual client.

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