Experience Insanity With Shaun T

When it comes to working out, I typically enjoy activities that are fast-moving and at a high intensity. But many aerobic-type classes and workout DVDs involve dance movements, which don’t work too well for me, as I have absolutely no rhythm or coordination.

Last year, a co-worker introduced me to Insanity, and while it’s not an easy workout, it is exactly the type of exercise for me.


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Shaun T, creator of the popular ‘Insanity’ workout, will lead a master class April 20 at Ala Moana Hotel.

On April 20, Insanity creator Shaun T will lead a master class from 8:30 a.m. to noon at Ala Moana Hotel with special guest Tania “The Machine” Baron (yes, the Tania from Insanity).

“What people can expect is an amazing workout. The music is going to be unreal, and the workout is going to be really fun and innovative,” says Shaun T. “It’s going to be signature Shaun T style, but, of course, I’m not going to do the same exercises people do in the videos. I always create something new and fun and different.”

Born Shaun Thompson, Shaun T was raised in New Jersey and resides in New York and Arizona. He says he was an active child who played sports from the time he was 6 years old. But, it wasn’t until he was in college, where he gained 50 pounds during his freshman year, that he discovered his passion for health and fitness.

“It was just very stressful, but then I started to make a change,” he recalls. “I changed my major to sports science and learned a lot about health and fitness and went to the gym a lot. And after feeling the way I felt and then how happy I felt after accomplishing that weight loss, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world.”

A talented dancer and choreographer, Shaun T later teamed up with Beachbody to create a series of workout DVDs, including Hip Hop Abs in 2007, which instantly became one of America’s top fitness programs on TV. In 2008, he released two new workouts – Shaun T’s Fit Club and Get Real With Shaun T – designed for kids and preteens in an effort to fight childhood obesity. Thatsame year, he also launched Rockin’ Body, and in 2009 came Insanity, followed by The Asylum Volume I & II.

His next project, which is expected to release this summer, is called Focus T25, featuring 25-minute workouts that claim to deliver an hour’s worth of results.

The fitness guru says he usually works out six days a week, plays tennis daily and has great portion control when it comes to his diet.

This will be Shaun T’s third event in Hawaii. He plans to stay for about a week and says he is looking forward to swimming, possibly going to the water park and taking a drive around the island and stoping at the shrimp trucks.

Admission to Shaun T Live in Hawaii is $100 for the Deluxe package, which includes the master class, Q&A time and a meet-and-greet with a group photo. The VIP All Access package costs $150 and includes the master class, Q&A, meet-and-greet, plus one-on-one time and a photo with Shaun T.

The class is limited to 300 people. To register or for more information, visit shauntliveinhawaii.com.