The Expendables 3

Michael Paulo
Professional saxophonist and recording artist

Where and with whom did you see the movie?

I went with my parents, Rene and Akemi Paulo, and my sister and her husband, Kathy and George Hirai, at Pearlridge Consolidated Theaters.


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The Expendables 3

Overall, what did you think?

The movie was very entertaining — a lot of action and humor. Being a baby boomer, it was great to see many of the older actors on the screen together. But they also added new younger actors to the plot, which I think may be a plan to keep The Expendables sequels continuing.

Without giving away the ending, what was one of your favorite scenes?

I enjoyed the scene where Antonio Banderas tries to convince Stallone to get on the team. Very funny.

On a scale of one to four stars, what would you rate this film?

★★★ 1/2

What did you think of the cinematography?

There were great action and location shots. There is a really cool scene of a rescue team going through a rocky river bed.

Was the message/theme clear?

I think Mel Gibson’s character as the villain could have been developed better.

Did it remind you of any other works of film?

This was a typical Stallone action movie — a la The Magnificent Seven hero series — with a lot of action stars of the same era all together.

To whom would you recommend this movie?

I think that anyone who loves fun action movies will enjoy this one.

Did any of the actors stand out?

Antonio Banderas added a light comedic relief to the scenes and was believable as his character. I have always loved Wesley Snipes as an actor, and the addition of his character added a little freshness to the series.

Did you identify with any of the characters?

I identified with Stallone because he was the leader. I’m also always trying to put teams together for events and tours. He also is compassionate and will do anything to save his men.

Did the soundtrack contribute significantly to the film?

Not noticeably.

Would you buy this movie when it comes out on DVD?


What’s your favorite movie snack?

Buttered popcorn.

On a different note, what’s new with you?

I just released a new single Crusin La Cresta on national jazz radio, which was the No. 1 most added track last week. It is part of a new CD project that I hope to release this fall. I am also producing a concert in Honolulu featuring Grammy Award-winning guitarist Lee Ritenour Sept.. 13 at The Magic of Polynesia Showroom. Tickets can be purchased at Check out for more information.