Ewa Makai Girl To Play In U.S. Youth Soccer Cup At Waipio

Soccer isn’t merely the sport of choice for D’awncey “Kitty” Jones Kamaka, but rather a lifestyle. That much was certain early on to her parents, Del and Dawny Jones Kamaka.

“I was playing in women’s leagues and coaching (at Waianae High School and with local clubs), and she was always at the field – she was born into it,” said mom Dawny. “When she was 6, things really took off. Since then, soccer has become her life.”

Kitty has become one of the most visible players in her age group in Hawaii. Although only 12, the Ewa Makai Middle School student made four soccer-related trips to the Mainland in the past year alone.

Most recently, she played for the Rush Select National Team, which competed at the Presidents’ Day Tournament and Desert Classic in Phoenix in February. This weekend, she’ll be back in action with her regular team, Hawaii Rush 2001, to play in the U.S. Youth Soccer Hawaii State Cup at Waipio Soccer Peninsula. Kitty took some time away from the practice field recently to visit with MidWeek‘s West Oahu Islander.

What is your earliest sports-related memory? I remember playing soccer for the first time in AYSO when I was 4. It was fun, even though I didn’t know how to play. I remember I was given an award for Most Outstanding Player.

Who’s had the biggest impact on your life? My mom. She raised me into wanting to play soccer. She used to be a good soccer player, and we used to stay at the park to watch her play. That caught my attention. She had cancer (in 2008), and soccer helped me not to think about it as much.

What area of your game have you been focusing on lately? My stamina, so I don’t get tired during a 60-minute game. You don’t want to get tired – it could give the other team a counter-attack.

What do you like best about playing soccer? There’s no pressure. It’s just a fun thing to do.

Who is your hardest-working teammate – the girl who gives 110 percent at all times? Aislynn Crowder. She always tries hard. She’s younger and smaller than the rest of us, but she shows she can play with us. She’s a defender who knows she can get the ball whenever she wants to.

What Internet site do you frequent the most? YouTube. I like to watch soccer legends like Neymar (da Silva Santos Jr.), Cristiano Ronaldo and (Lionel Andres) Messi.

What is your least favorite household chore? Cleaning the kitchen. I also clean my room, clean my bathroom, take out the trash and watch my siblings.

What movie could you watch over and over? Prometheus.

What do you like to watch on television? Game shows, and I like the news.

How do you like to spend your free time? I like hanging out with my friends or just training. Everything we do involves some form of soccer.

You’re stuck on Kahoolawe and can have an endless supply of just one food. What would it be? Poi.

Given the chance, what celebrity would you most like to meet? (Soccer icon) Pele.