Ewa Beach Fire Station Now Has New Lifesaving Technology

With help from an Insurance Associates Inc. and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company grant, Honolulu Fire Department Station 24 in Ewa Beach was recently able to purchase a thermal imaging camera, marking the sixth grant that the companies have gifted to the HFD.

HFD fire chief Kenneth G. Silva, local firefighters and executives from Insurance Associates and the Fireman’s Fund gathered at the Ewa Beach fire station last week for a presentation of the grant.

The ceremony also included a demonstration of how the new camera works.

A thermal imaging camera provides firefighters with improved vision through smoke and darkness during a fire, helping them locate anyone who may need to be rescued.

It also can improve their ability to navigate their way through buildings. In addition, these cameras can help to reduce damage to property by enabling firefighters to target the most active parts of a fire.

“Thermal imagers used to be considered a luxury, but now they’re a necessity because they can be used in so many different ways,” explained Silva.

“We’re fortunate to have received these donations so we can ensure more of our stations have this critical, lifesaving piece of equipment.”

The previous grants also were used to fund thermal imaging cameras at other fire stations.

The grant is part of a nationwide effort of the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company to provide equipment, training and educational tools to fire departments and burn prevention companies.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance has benefitted more than 1,800 organizations, totalling more than $29 million. In Hawaii, Fireman’s Fund has contributed more than $375,000.

Locally based company Insurance Associates has contributed more than $90,000 to fire departments nationwide through this program.