Ewa Beach Author’s Novel Aims To Teach Kids About Intuition

Fran Kramer

Fran Kramer

Intuitive studies professional and Ewa Beach resident Fran Kramer combines her love for storytelling with her passion for teaching others about the power of intuition in her latest novel, Dead Men Do Tell Tales.

The book, which is targeted at children ages 10-16, follows Ashlynn Acosta, a teenager who gets entangled in a murder mystery after she inadvertently implicates her friend. In order to clear her friend’s name, she must learn to listen to her intuition and dreams. Through her journey, she also must face everyday high school issues like bullying and gossip.

This is Kramer’s second novel. Her first, The Traveling Sketchbook: An American Kid Discovers Japan, was published in 2002.

Kramer, who has a master’s degree in Asian studies from University of Hawaii at Manoa, is a certified intuitive trainer. She runs a company called Healing Dream Garden, which offers coaching, teaching and public speaking in dream work and intuitive training. She hopes her novel will help kids learn that intuition can be a valuable tool.

“In the story, the kids will learn about how dreams and intuitive methods can be used to help problem-solve,” Kramer said.

Kramer feels intuition and dreams are not valued in our society as much as she thinks they should be.

“I think these skills are important for anybody to learn, but especially teenagers because they are at a point in their lives where they are just starting to develop their own independence and establish who they are,” she said. “One of the things that intuition can do is that it gets you in touch with yourself and who you really are and what is important to you.”

Dead Men Do Tell Tales is available online at amazon.com, bn.com, and balboapress.com. For more information, visit healingdreamgarden.com.