Ensuring Safe, Timely Transportation For All

By Donald Sakamoto, chairman, Citizens for a Fair American Disabilities Act Ride

Being visually impaired, Rose Pou sometimes misses her bus stop when the announcements are not working on TheBus. As a member of Citizens for a Fair American Disabilities Act Ride (CFADAR), she strives to make sure that others with disabilities don’t have to face problems like this.


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Donald Sakamoto

“Since I have joined the CFADAR group, I have been more proactive in calling to report about these incidents with the announcements not working to TheBus complaint line, which made a difference. Most of the announcements now work, making it easier for me as well as others who are blind or visually impaired to use TheBus service,” Pou says.

Founded in 2006, CFADAR is an all-volunteer group of concerned citizens who use TheBus and TheHandi-Van as a source of transportation.

We advocate for independence and equality of seniors and all people with disabilities and challenges. We aim to give these passengers a voice, while ensuring that they have access to transportation in a safe, timely manner.

Currently, the group is comprised of individuals with different disabilities. We are here to help those who are unable to speak out for themselves because of their physical challenges.

We always are working together for solutions to the daily challenges each of us face.

We currently are seeking volunteers – including those who are not disabled – to help with computer tasks, media outreach and more. We also are currently seeking office supplies, as well as other equipment.

We welcome everyone who is willing to participate, whether or not you are a part of our community. One day, this community will be a part of yours, too.

Our next quarterly meeting will be from 10 to 11:45 a.m. Nov. 12 at Honolulu Hale.

For more information about CFADAR, call 291-1740, 291-0844, or 342-0688, email cfadarhonolulu001@yahoo.com or visit facebook.com/CFADAR.