Eli Roth, Mythubusters & More Vegas News

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … the Player’s Edge!

AND WELCOME TO the Hotel Goretorium, where “A Little Off The Top” is redefined. Eli Roth’s (Hostel, Cabin Fever) Goretorium opens across the street from the CityCenter Sept. 27. The yearlong chickenskin tale is about Sin City’s most deadly hotel and casino, The Delmont. Home to the sickest serial killers ever to gather this side of hell, this experience is not for fragile hearts or full bladders (there will be strategically placed web-cams). Tickets, including the “Deathrow VIP Fast Pass,” and a full-gore video preview are available online at goretorium.com.

Eli Roth

IF YOU WERE shocked, stunned, repulsed or just PO’ed at the Las Vegas billboard that had a mannequin hanging from a noose below the words “Dying for Work,” you are not alone. The 911 calls started immediately with many reporting the dummy was real. The owners of the billboard say it was vandalized by an anti-Wall Street movement … By the time you read this, the sign and effigy will have been removed.

A ROSE BY any other name … According to gaming columnist John Marche, the first person to call a “pack of cards” a “deck of cards” was William Shakespeare in 1610.

IF YOU NEED a good reason to eat a great meal … The sixth annual Las Vegas Restaurant week is happening Aug. 27 to Sept.

3. Participating restaurants (see the entire list at helpdi-neoutlv.org) create special breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and donate up to $6 for each meal sold to the nonprofit Three Square Food Bank to end hunger in Southern Nevada.

CONTROL FREAKS … If selecting the exact cut, portion size and preparation of your protein sounds appealing, check out Tetsu in the Aria. The name translates into “Iron,” and Michelin-starred chef Masa Takayama says, “It is the idea that the chef cannot be beat. This concept will be embodied at Tetsu. You will not find this quality of teppan cooking anywhere else. It is the best of the best.”

THE EXCALIBUR plans to make its food court the biggest in all of the MGM Resorts land.

GENE SIMMONS is adding camp counselor to his already lengthy resume. The front man for KISS and marketing genius behind rock’s biggest brand will head the October edition of Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp at the MGM Grand. Campers will write songs and jam live with the legends of rock … The first step of a rock god journey is rockcamp.com.

RIGHT NOW you can legally bet online anywhere in the state of Nevada. Cantor Gaming has launched a Wi-Fi-enabled sports betting service that allows players to bet using personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

SEVEN OUT: Surf The Musical at Planet Hollywood.

THE MEN’S version of the MAGIC convention starts Aug. 21, making it a good week to be shoppin’ in Vegas.

ADAM SAVAGE AND JAMIE HYNEMAN, collectively known as the Mythbusters, bring their Behind The Myths Tour to the Venetian Aug. 31 to Sept. 2.