Edith Yamamoto Wins A $250 Spree At Shirokiya

Edith Yamamoto

On Wednesday, Edith Yamamoto went to Shirokiya for its lei-making class and some food when MidWeek‘s representative approached her with a simple question.

She answered correctly and instantly won a $250 Shirokiya shopping spree.

“I come every Wednesday for the lei-making class,” said this week’s Mystery Shopper. “Also, I like the food, the pastries, and I like the selection of jewelry.”

Edith, a 1953 graduate of McKinley High School, was born and raised in Pauoa Valley. She and husband Richard have one son and one grandson. In her free time, Edith enjoys lei-making, cooking and writing letters to friends.

She also likes to read MidWeek. “I don’t miss a page,” she said. “I read everyone in it; I like them all.”