Easy Exercises To Do In The Office

For the past 12 years, Kathy Foley, internal communications specialist at Outrigger Enterprises Group, has been helping her co-workers be fit and healthy. Every Tuesday and Thursday, she gives up her lunch break to lead a Core! fitness class, which is open to any Outrigger employee who wants to attend (as long as it doesn’t conflict with their normal work schedule). The one-hour, core-focused class uses a stability ball, Pilates ball and hand weights.


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“We’re all so busy, and I find that people don’t have time once they leave work to do any exercises,” says Foley, who is an ACE-certified group exercise instructor and also volunteers at YMCA. “So, it’s my way to help them get a good workout that’s convenient.”

In the afternoons, she also meets co-workers in the hallway to lead a quick 20-minute stretch session. “We give each other neck massages at the end, which is everyone’s favorite,” she adds. “It just helps undo all of the tightness from working on our computers all day.”

Foley has been with Outrigger for 29 years, starting as an assistant for Dr. Richard Kelley. Here, she shows us some simple stretches and exercises that you can do at your desk.