Easy, Affordable Transportation

By Lori McCarney,
CEO of Bikeshare Hawaii

I love my car when I need to get somewhere miles away and I’m in a rush. I hate my car when I am stuck in traffic or circling a full parking lot or paying a large parking fee.


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Lori McCarney

So when I learned about bikeshare, I realized that it could remove some of the hate from my love/hate relationship with my car. And I am honored to help bring bikeshare to Hawaii as CEO of the new, nonprofit Bikeshare Hawaii.

Bikeshare Hawaii will provide everybody (even people like me who love their cars) an attractive alternative for short trips.

For example: Let’s say you work downtown but want to meet a friend for lunch in Kakaako. With bikeshare, you can easily and affordably check out a bike at one of our unattended docking stations near your office, ride it to the restaurant and dock at another of our stations.

After lunch, check out another bike at the station, ride it back downtown to dock it — and voila, you’re right back at your office with no traffic delays and no parking hassles. It’s a leisurely 8-minute ride from Chinatown to Kakaako — even in heels.

And here’s a bonus: You burn off some of those calories along the way.

Our initial phase will put 2,000 easy-to-ride bikes at 200 stations stretching from Diamond Head to Chinatown to UH.

Our plan is to extend into other communities statewide soon thereafter. Stay tuned for your opportunity to provide input on the best locations for the docking stations.

Bikeshare Hawaii is a nonprofit designed for public/private partnerships. We are actively seeking to raise $8 million through sponsorships and donations in order to launch in early 2016.

We appreciate your support and invite you to keep up with our progress at bikeshare-hawaii.org and via social media.