Easter Seals Provides A Lifetime Of Caring

Chaz Ching has attended Easter Seals Hawaii (ESH) Youth Enrichment Services (Y.E.S.) since age 12. After high school, Chaz continued to attend Y.E.S. because he and his parents like the safe and engaging environment. Now age 22, Chaz says his favorite activities at Y.E.S. are the typing class and outings to the Kaneohe sand-bar. When Chaz is not on an outing, he can be found on the computer, drawing or playing chess. He is now in charge of answering the Y.E.S. classroom phones and directing calls. Chaz chose this task, hoping the experience will help prepare him for a job.


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Christopher E. Blanchard

Easter Seals Hawaii empowers people with disabilities to achieve their goals, including people like Jody Cambra on Maui. This month, Jody and her ESH case coordinator, Erika Smith, will travel to New Jersey. Jody is a guest speaker at a “Therap” conference. Therap is an electronic records and data management system. When presented with this opportunity, Jody responded to Therap’s regional director, Kevin Dierks:

Dear Kevin,

Hi, my name is Jody Cambra. I am blind, and attend Easter Seals. I use Therap every day to record my progress on my goals. I use a Mac and work with the voiceover commands and a braille keyboard. Therap helps me to stay motivated. Therap also allows me to see how far I have come as a visually disabled person.

I am grateful for the opportunity to go to New Jersey and tell others about how Therap is helping me, and how it can help them. Thank you for inviting me.

Jody Cambra

Today, ESH offers programs and services to more than 1,100 infants, children, teens and adults with disabilities or special needs on five islands, with more than a half million hours of services each year. For more information about ESH, visit easterseals.com/hawaii or call 536-1015.

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