Ease Backpack Pain With Airbac

Airbac recently released a new line of backpacks that are designed to make toting your laptop and other techie toys easier on your back. Using the patented Air Bladder technology, the majority of the weight is lifted off your upper back/shoulder, where most pain is felt. The Airbac spreads the load across your entire back, with the majority of it sitting on your lower back. This allows you to wear a heavier bag without discomfort.

The release of Airbac’s latest bags was perfect timing for me since I was able to take one with me on an overseas trip with lots of flying, walking and train rides. The backpack comes pre-inflated with air, but I chose to fill it with more air so I could max out the amount of padding. Good back support is important to me since I have a bad lower back, plus I’m still recovering from a neck injury.

The first time I put on the Airbac (with a full load, including my laptop and iPad), I could feel the difference, especially since it didn’t pull and drag down and put pressure on my neck.

Typically while walking or running, each step you take causes weight to be shifted while carrying a backpack, often causing it to “shock” your spine with each stride. Because of the patented air bladder that is positioned strategically between you and your Airbac, virtually all the shock associated with your body’s motion is absorbed.

The Airbac feels different from any other backpack I’ve owned. If you have back issues, definitely give this a try. Prices range (depending on size) from $50 to $150 at airbac.net.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Angry Birds Space

As most of you Angry Birds fans have likely seen, the popular franchise recently blasted off to new heights with Angry Birds Space. This is the fourth Angry Birds title, and like the other releases, Space is designed so you can start it fresh without any previous experience.

Space features 60 interstellar levels, and similar to previous Angry Birds games you smash green pigs that are hiding in towers made of wood, rocks, steel or ice. You’re armed with various birds, each with a different strength, that help you smash through materials at various rates. You still see the good old red birds (simple missile), black birds (explodes with a tap), green birds (for large structures) and blue birds (cluster bombs), as well as new birds such as purples (homing missiles) and ice birds (let you freeze parts of a structure, easing destruction).

Within the game you can find many goodies, secret levels and cool space content. You’ll see various scenes with zero gravity, or use the gravity from nearby planets to set up trick shots. I appreciate how you can see the projected trajectory your bird will travel with a dotted path.

Angry Birds Space is available for your iOS device, Mac, PC or Android ($0.99 to $2.99). Gameplay has been optimized for each platform, including full Retina display support for the new iPad. Although free updates are available in the pipeline, even more content is available through in-app purchases.