The Electric Ride

The E-GO electric skateboard travels at about 12 mph, with a range of about 18 miles per charge. And you still get some exercise just by balancing. plus, it’s fun

Forget about the traffic. There’s a new way to get around town and you don’t need gas, money or running shoes. Yuneec’s E-GO Cruiser looks like a longboard skateboard but it’s operated by a small handheld wireless remote or even your iPhone. It can take you to a destination up to 18 miles away (on a single battery charge), and can reach speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour.


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Matthew Kievlan and girlfriend Cat Sullivan-Haskins | Photo by Nathalie Walker

“It’s more effective than a vehicle on trips less than 5 miles inside town,” says Matthew Kievlan, marketing partner of Humbolt Surf and The Best Yet Company, which sells the E-GO. “It’s faster than a car. One of the routes we measured is from 9th Avenue in Kaimuki to Ala Moana on a Sunday with no traffic, and it was still six minutes faster than the car. So just imagine on a day with traffic.”

The Yuneec E-GO weighs 13.9 pounds, and takes about 3 hours to fully recharge by plugging it into a regular 110V wall outlet.

Its deck is constructed from eight layers of maple with one orange layer in the center for style, and carbon fiber underneath for added strength.

Although you don’t need to use your feet to accelerate or brake, you still need your body to maneuver and balance, so you can still get a great workout for your core and legs.

Plus, it’s fun. “We brought these in last September as a way to promote a healthier lifestyle, and the response has been phenomenal,” says Kievlan. “Most people who buy one come back to get a second for someone else because they like to ride together. It’s mostly the younger generation, but we’ve had folks in their 50s, businessmen and women, and travelers.

“And you don’t have to be a skateboarder to ride it. Anyone can do it. The learning curve is, on average, 30 seconds.”

Kievlan says they plan to bring in more models, as well as other brands of electric skateboards this year, including some off-road and sporty styles.

He also adds that a lightweight helmet is recommended at all times.

“It’s about living a healthier lifestyle,” adds Kievlan. “It’s a practical, healthier and exciting way to commute from point A to point B. As a longtime Hawaii resident, I have always appreciated the natural resources we have here, and I believe this is a new, effective and exciting mode of transportation.”

The Yuneec E-Go Cruiser sells for $699 and is available at Humbolt Surf and The Best Yet Company located at 1299 Kapiolani Blvd., and at For more information, visit