Drivers Are Like Angels To Seniors

Dear Pamela,

Just wanted to thank the wonderful drivers at Catholic Charities who go beyond their duties to help us seniors. I live at Franciscan Vistas, a senior housing in Ewa Beach. Part of the perks of living here is a ride to buy groceries every Friday. The destination changes, and so do the drivers, but each Friday is a pleasant experience. We seniors leave our shopping carts at the pickup point, then board the Catholic Charities bus for our ride to the grocery store. Some of us have canes, some of us walkers, some are ambulatory, but we all are treated with the utmost respect.

When we are picked up after the shopping trip an hour later, the driver will help to load our goodies on and off, all with a smile. Mark, Cathy and Derrick have such a great attitude as drivers.

I managed to get myself into three different hospitals in a period of less than a year, so I would like to especially thank my family, Wilfred, Christine and Jennifer, for their patience and understanding. The rehab staff of St. Francis Healthcare also helped greatly toward my recovery.

Darilyn Morales
Ewa Beach

Dear Darilyn,

Diane Terada, community and senior services administrator for Catholic Charities Hawaii Clarence T.C. Ching Campus, identified your drivers as Kathy Rilveria and Derrick Alcayde (Mark no longer works there). “It’s always good to hear that the seniors enjoy and appreciate the services they receive from CCH,” she says. “Our staff are our greatest asset, and it will be great to be able to share Applause with them!”

Dear Pamela,

My husband and I were unloading our car at the farmers market at Windward Mall. Just then my cell phone rang and a woman named Sharon said she had something that I wanted. I thought it was a prank call. We hooked up and she handed my wallet to me. I could not believe it had fallen out of my handbag in the parking lot. It contained cash and my medical cards. God bless you, Sharon, and see you soon for lunch!

Erlyne Rodrigues

Dear Erlyne,

Sharon Rodrigues (no relation) Tolentino says she once lost her wallet and was forever grateful when it was returned to her. “As I was walking to the farmers market I noticed something on the ground,” she says. “I’m a registered nurse, so I recognized the allergies cards, the insurance info and appointment notices. I was concerned this person was going to be frantic losing all that important information. I finally found a name and phone number and called. She didn’t even know she had dropped her wallet. It turns out her husband does some work with para-medics, so we have a few mutual friends.”