Drive-thru Prepared For More Hungry Customers

While Koolau Center marked its 38th anniversary in August with music, rides and fun, it also had reason to celebrate the recent renovations of its McDonald’s Restaurant.

The eatery, known as McDonald’s of Temple Valley by the company, staged its official grand reopening the same day, after three months of modernizing and beautifying its facility. The work included new windows, new doors and an outdoor seating area. (There even are light sensors in the restrooms.)

The most welcome upgrades that would please Ronald McDonald himself were to the always-busy 24-hour drive-thru, which now has a tandem design with two ordering stations back-to-back.

“The use of the drive- thru is similar to how one would visit a gas station — by pulling up to use the first ordering station,” explained publicist Nicole Fuertes. “Drivers then proceed to the second (payment) window and then finally to the food pickup window.”

The global fast-food chain now has 76 outlets in the Islands run by more than 4,600 employees. A hamburger-consumption count was not available at press time.