A Double Shout-Out To Helpful HPD

Dear Pamela,

I’d like to thank four gentlemen who came to my aid when my car suddenly lost power in the middle lane of Pali Highway. I was driving my sisters and daughter to my great-grandniece’s first birthday celebration. Messrs. Welton Chang and son Brendon came over to help and direct traffic. Mr. Ken Hoo proceeded to push my car onto Jack Lane to get it out of the way. Officer J. Labuguen stayed with us until the tow truck arrived. He was kind enough to call a cab for us. I am truly grateful.

Lily Sakurai

Hi Lily,

For Officer Jeff Labuguen, it was all a part of the job. “When I responded, two good Samaritans were already helping the vehicle (with four elderly female occupants) off to the side on Jack Lane,” he says. “One of the men tried to jump the vehicle with his cables, but the car wouldn’t hold the charge, probably due to alternator problems. So I basically did nothing aside from positioning my patrol vehicle behind the stalled vehicle because it was blocking traffic. I helped one of the ladies, who had a walker, across the street, along with the rest of the nice ladies, to Temple Emanu-El, where the taxi would be able to safely pick them up. I think the good Samaritans deserve all the credit for this one.”

But Lt. Isaac Imoto of District 5 believes Officer Labuguen should get some APPLAUSE. “He has proven to be a valuable asset to the Honolulu Police Department, serving the Kalihi district,” he says. “He never complains and oftentimes will take an assignment outside of his area of responsibility to assist his fellow officers. He is always respectful and pleasant to talk to. Officer Labuguen is a role model for other officers.”

Dear Pamela,

This is an overdue “thank you” to a kind gentleman at the Wahiawa Police Station. I only had a peek at his badge and his name is Robert K. I had to take in my 91-year-old mother for her state ID. I made an appointment and arrived well ahead of the scheduled time. When I got there, the line was from the doorway of the ID processing room to the entry door. There must have been 10 people ahead of us. I took my mother inside the lobby to sit, and I would stand in line. I didn’t feel right about cutting in line to get to the doorway to ask about my appointment. I realized that her appointment time would pass before I could even get to the door. I went up to the window in the lobby that said “Police Matters Only” and explained my situation to Robert. He checked with the ID/Driver’s License section, patiently waited for my mother to follow, and led us through the exit door of the ID section. I am so grateful to him! APPLAUSE to the ladies in the ID section and especially to Robert, who eased my anxiety.

Doreen Kelley

Dear Doreen,

The person who helped you and your mother is Robert Kupukaa, a retired detective who now works as a contract hire with HPD at the Wahiawa substation. “The mother was frail, and so he just stepped in to help because it was the right thing to do,” says Capt. Larry Lawson of District 2.