District Matters: Session Ends With Key Bills Ready To Sign


Rep. Lauren Matsumoto

The 2015 Legislative Session has ended, and all bills that have survived the process will make their way to the governor’s desk to either become law or to be vetoed. Thanks to all who participated by giving testimony or calling your legislators. Your involvement is what pushed many of these bills through.

I know it can be frustrating if the bills you care about did not make it to the final vote. But fear not: Any bill that was considered this session can be reconsidered next session. Now, during the interim, is the best time to contact your legislators to let us know which issues you want us to work on in the 2016 legislative session. By starting now, this gives us ample time to research, evaluate and compile the components for high-quality bills ready to be submitted in January.

Of all the 2015 bills going to the governor, there are several in particular that I am looking forward to seeing signed into law.

Historic Preservation Home Exemption HB830: Excludes private residences from the historic preservation review, unless they are registered with Hawaii Register of Historic Places, making common home improvements easier for old homes.

Good Agricultural Practices Program HB573: Establishes the Hawaii good agricultural practices program to develop and support good agricultural practices for farms.

Epinephrine Pens in Schools HB10: Authorizes Department of Education employees to volunteer to administer epinephrine pens to a student with anaphylaxis in an emergency situation. The bill also allows students with diabetes to self-test and self-manage their illness.

Sex Trafficking SB265: Helps move forward the removal of stigmatizing girls caught in sexual slavery by focusing the criminality on the promotion of sex trafficking.

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