Difficult Grief Process For Newtown Parents

Editor’s note: Below is a Kaimuki mother’s partial testimony that was aired Dec. 16 by New Hope Christian Fellowship on KHON2.

Aloha, Friends of Joshua Neves Children’s Foundation,

My heart has been so heavy since we all learned of the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Although we have lost our son, and know of so many local families who have suffered tragic loss as well, even we cannot begin to fathom the absolute heartbreak and overwhelming grief those families are going through because of the senseless act of one person taking all those innocent lives.

For those of us families who have walked through the experience of losing a child, we know what is to come for those families … having to pick out your child’s “last outfit” they will wear for their memorial service, the silence of a home that used to be filled with laughter, unopened Christmas presents, having to kiss your child’s photo through a glass frame because he’s not there for you to kiss him and hug him. The list is so long.

Please take the time daily to keep those families in prayer. We know for certain that prayer coverage helped to strengthen us in our darkest days, and the power of prayer through Jesus Christ is the ONE thing that will help these families. God bless them.

Erica A. Neves
Executive director for the Joshua Neves Children’s Foundation

(The mission of JNCF is to support bereaved families who have lost a child, and to provide them with the assistance they need to navigate through their grief with financial assistance, spiritual guidance, fellowship and support.

We also are committed to assisting families who have children battling life-threatening injury or illness. Visit nevesfoundation.org.)