Developer Follows Vision to Create Second City

City News…City Councilwoman Kymberly Pine

Dave W. Rae is a man who will be known as a key pillar in the creation of Kapolei, Oahu’s “Second City.”

This month, Rae will retire from his career with James Campbell Company and Kapolei Properties.

Rae has overseen the planning and construction of a community shaped by his vision as a development consultant, government policy adviser, and currently as senior vice president of development at James Campbell Company and Kapolei Properties.

He has worked on issues ranging from infrastructure and transportation plans to entitlements and zoning, environmental and economic impacts, and public affairs and issues management.

Through his leadership, Campbell Company saw the potential of former sugar cane land, and pushed through recessions to lead the development of Kapolei.

In addition to his work with Campbell Company, Rae has deep ties to the local nonprofit community, volunteering his time to Historic Hawaii Foundation, Neighborhood Justice Center and Kapolei Chamber of Commerce, which he helped establish.

Those who know Rae say his creativity sets him apart from peers, and his can-do attitude was infectious, leading to many successes within his working group.

Moreover, Rae’s colleagues praised his ability to work together with many groups who have an interest in West Oahu.

“Rae was always at the forefront of efforts to ensure the James Campbell Company did right by the community,” colleague Brad Meyers recalled.

Rae enjoyed meeting, talking to, listening to and working with people and their concerns about the company’s developments, such as the pace of road construction, traffic congestion, questions about building plans, etc. Rae had a knack for easing concerns and making everyone he encountered feel comfortable.

To consummate the deep trust he enjoys in West Oahu, Rae purchased a home in Kapolei to be a part of the community.

Oahu’s second city is different from Honolulu, Rae said, but the two urban centers share a sense of place and growth, and he is proud of the direction its community leaders are taking.

City Councilwoman Kymberly Marcos Pine serves District 1 (Ewa to Makua). She can be reached at 768-5001, by email to, or online by visiting