Dealing With Five-0’s New Night

Monday nights with McGarrett used to be must-see TV in the Joaquin household.

Before you jump to conclusions, I’m still a huge Hawaii Five-0 fan. But I’m not sure how I feel about Hawaii Five-0 on Fridays yet.

Really, the day it’s on shouldn’t matter that much. I never actually made it through an entire episode Monday because of early wakeup calls for Sunrise.

I would start watching Monday and avoid possible spoilers from people talking about the show the next day. I’d actually finish the episode Tuesday or maybe even Wednesday.

I was excited to learn the show would air one hour earlier, until I learned it was moving to Friday. I associate Friday nights with family and fireworks. Or the occasional date night.

When I was younger, there were multiple sitcoms and shows in my weekly repertoire. Seinfeld, The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, even Beverly Hills 90210. And how can I forget Magnum, P.I.? It was all appointment viewing.

I even got into soaps. I watched Luke and Laura get hitched on General Hospital. I followed all the love triangles on Days of our Lives, and I know who shot JR on Dallas.

But times and viewing habits change. Now, I’m down to three shows and rely on my DVR.

I’m still a sucker for Survivor. I love seeing who can outwit, outplay and outlast the competition. The family twist will be a nice addition this season!

Like millions of others, I’m hooked on The Voice, from the concept to the chemistry and competition among the celebrity coaches. That’s another more recent switch: the rise of reality TV. Hawaii Five-0 happens to be my scripted show of choice. I know there are many other options, but who has the time?

With the start of the fall TV season, there’s hype about hot new shows, but I just can’t add anything else to my TV roster. Viewers are raving about Hostages. And for years, I’ve heard the buzz about Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

But when you have young children, you’re much more likely to tune in to Sesame Street than mature television. I’ve attempted to watch Hawaii Five-0 with my kids around, but that didn’t last long. Catchy theme song aside, the victim of the week isn’t something you want your kids to see.

So, OK, Friday or Monday doesn’t really matter. I’ll have to watch it on my own TV schedule anyhow.