David Richards Wins A $250 City Mill Shopping Spree

By Yu Shing Ting & Nathalie Walker

David Richards is helping his neighbor with some house work, so on Monday he took a trip to City Mill in Waianae for some molding.

As he made his purchase at 1:45 p.m., MidWeek‘s representative approached David with a simple question. He answered correctly and instantly won a $250 City Mill shopping spree.

“I like shopping at City Mill because it’s close by to my house,” said this week’s Mystery Shopper, a self-employed carpenter. “Also, they have very friendly people and fair prices.”

David moved to Hawaii two-and-a-half years ago from the Mainland and lives in Waianae with wife Carlann. In his free time, he enjoys paddling and being in the ocean. He also likes to read MidWeek.

“I like the Currents column by Ron Mizutani,” he said. “Also, the Weird News column (by Chuck Shepherd).”