Making Kulolo Quick And Easy — Sweet!

When you talk poi, taro or pa’i’ai, the name Daniel Anthony most likely will come up in the conversation. He was a huge part of getting a bill passed to be able to pound taro and sell fresh pa’i’ai/poi to the general public.


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Daniel Anthony's Instant Pa'i'ai Kulolo

According to the website, “The difference between pa’i’ai and poi is water content. Pa’i’ai is undiluted poi, while poi is diluted pa’i’ai. Both are, however, superfoods with more than 1,000 years of preparation and taste buds behind them.”

I met Daniel 20 years ago, and he’s always lived sharing his culture through food and aloha. When he joined us in the kitchen, he shared a modified recipe for one of my favorites.


* 4 cups grated pa’i’ai
* 1 cup coconut milk
* 1/2 cup raw sugar

Reduce coconut milk and sugar in a pan; gradually add grated pa’i’ai and mix until creamy.

Serve hot or let cool. Top with fresh fruit, whipped cream or whatever makes you happy!

You can purchase pa’i’ai online at or locally at Whole Foods and farmers markets.

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