Dancers Come Out In Force For ‘Live 3’ At Paliku Theatre

24-VII Danceforce Studio and Pulse Productions will present ‘Live 3: Les Trois Vie’ June 29-July 1 in Paliku Theatre. (From left) Spencer Weidie, Stephenie Kunz, Kayla Kamisato and Joshua Ofoia star in a dance concert full of drama and flash from the Kaneohe- based studio. Photo by Cheyenne Lawes.

Mix together a struggle for success, forbidden love and the child of an interracial marriage, and you get “Live 3: Les Trois Vie,” a Kaneohe production directed by Natalie Vilos and produced by award-winning choreographer Marcelo Pacleb.

Performances are at 7:30 p.m. June 29 and 30, and 2 and 7 p.m. July 1 at Paliku Theatre on the grounds of Windward Community College.

“Live 3,” presented by 24-VII Danceforce Studio and Pulse Productions, tells the story of three urban dwellers brought together by a fate that links them forever.

Adrian (played by Spencer Weidie) is a young corporate climber who seeks the success and fame that Joshua Ofoia’s character, Damien, has. Damien is a corporate leader in the community. Adrian, meanwhile, falls deeply in love with Damien’s lover, Elle (Stephenie Kunz).

During “Live 3,” the audience also will meet Daphne (Kayla Kamisato), who is a child of an interracial marriage. It is because of this that society shuns her and deems her “different.” Adrian and Damien are sent off to war, and Elle and Daphne are left behind to deal with the consequences that war brings.

Kunz and other members of the cast, along with Vilos, Cheyenne Lawes, Cerise Marchan, Phylicia Murray and Will Thompson, created the choreography for this production. In addition to dance, there will also be vocal performances by Jana Anguay, Cory Oliveros and recent Na Hoku Award-winner Starr Kalahiki.

Tickets for “Live 3” cost $30, $45 and $60 and are available at 24-VII Dance Studio in Windward Mall after 4 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays. For more information, call the studio at 235-5141.