Custom Sport-specific Glasses

Licensed optician Joe Kibler takes digital measurements for prescription glasses | Natalie Walker photo

Oakley at Ala Moana Center has relocated a few stores ewa makai of the mall, and now has an in-store optical center enabling customers to fill eyewear prescriptions on-site, including athletes looking for topof-the-line, sport-specific performance eyewear.

Customers can bring in their eye prescription (no more than two years old), and work with one of the store’s three opticians – store manager/optician Cameron Wehrli, licensed optician Joe Kibler and apprentice optician Matt King.

“We are able to take our sport-specific glasses and accommodate the prescription directly into the shield itself so they can actually use the comfort and the styling that’s designed for sports with their prescription,” says Wehrli, noting that there about 30 styles of sport-specific glasses to choose from. “And they can be used for multisports. A lot of baseball guys are using (the style with) one-piece shields, but so do runners and cyclists, so it crosses over. And some people like the two individual lenses, so it’s really personal preference.

“Also, the type of lens we use is a ballistic-graded lens, so it’s going to be impact resistant and shatterproof. And the lenses are interchangeable for different light conditions.”

According to Oakley, which sponsors the U.S. Olympic team, there are five things to look for when choosing sunglasses:

* Comprehensive UV Protection. Wear sunglasses that have UV protection built into the lens material so it can’t scratch off and leave your eyes exposed. The lens should filter out 100 percent of all UVA, UVB and UVC.

* The Right Fit. Look for a secure fit and wrap-around lenses to protect your entire eye. A wrap-around lens will block sunlight and wind coming in from the sides and decrease the chance of eye injury due to flying debris such as sand and dirt – a must for cyclists.

* Polarization. Polarization protects your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare and enhances color and depth perception.

* Impact Protection. Polycarbonate, shatterproof lenses protect your eyes from injury caused by high-mass and high-velocity impact, such as from baseballs and golf balls. Oakley’s research showed that one in five adults have experienced an eye injury while participating in outdoor sports and activities.

* The Right Lens. Choosing the right lens tint for your activity, and the time of day and sun, also reduces eyestrain and squinting. A dark-gray lens works best for extremely sunny conditions, while lens tints like amber, brown and rose enhance the eye’s ability to recognize colors and improve depth perception in flat to medium light. Also, choose a lens with hydrophobic coating, which repels sweat, sunscreen and water to help reduce obstructed views.

“Our goal is to replicate natural vision,” adds David Blenkle, regional manager for Oakley Stores. “We understand a golfer who wears prescription lenses needs to look up and gauge distance and be able to immediately look down to putt or write on a scorecard. Our lens technology provides maximum optics in our optional Oakley Sport Specific progressive lenses, and great peripheral vision as well.”

The new store also offers Oakley’s full custom center, allowing customers to design their eyewear by selecting style and performance features, along with frame, ear sock, icon and lens color. There’s also a great selection of surf- and swimwear, men’s golf apparel, training gear, luggage and backpacks, watches, special products only available in Hawaii and more. For more information, call 949-7104.