Counting The Ways Obama Hurts U.S.

Dinesh D’Souza has written a controversial book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage. Having been born and raised in post-colonial India, D’Souza feels an “almost eerie” kinship with Obama who, for his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, delved deeply into his Kenyan heritage and the life of his anti-colonialist father, Obama Sr.

With the exception of one short visit to Hawaii when Obama was 10, he never saw his father.

D’Souza’s personal credentials are impeccable. He is no crackpot. He draws almost exclusively from Obama’s Dreams From My Father, the “dreams” being of a noncolonial world, with neither oppressors nor oppressed, to spread the wealth equally; a fair and level global playing field. D’Souza suggests that Obama in effect becomes enamored by his father’s anti-colonial dreams of a more fair world, and channels them into his presidency in order to fulfill them.

In face of the avalanche of criticism as you might imagine D’Souza insists the book is based upon his “psychological theory,” and “the idea that Obama has roots and a world view that are foreign is not an allegation, but a statement of fact.” According to this theory, Obama’s mission is to weaken the United States, as he sees it, the mother of all colonial powers, to administer its “comeuppance,” so to speak. Absurd? Outrageous?

Let’s take a look at only a few of his actions and policies.

Have they made America stronger or weaker?

Under Obama’s leadership: He has amassed (quadrupled in last four years) overwhelming national debt which threatens to cripple our overall economy for decades.

His party has imposed upon lenders looser standards for mortgage loans, resulting in unprecedented home foreclosures, with 1 million more forecast for this year.

He has failed to reduce unemployment to 8 percent or less his own low standard.

He has created a massive inequality by requiring only about half of all Americans to pay federal income tax.

He has promoted unprecedented class warfare by blaming the “rich” (annual income more than $250,000; about 1 percent of all taxpayers) for all the woes of the 99 percent.

He has imposed higher taxes and more regulations (and plans to impose more) on the very business sectors that create the jobs so desperately needed.

He has saddled the nation (except for his major political constituencies, like unions) with a massive health care program, refusing to include less expensive and more effective cost reducers like personal health savings plans, and tort reform.

He has apologized in Middle Eastern forums for what he considers to have been America’s arrogant foreign policy, and has bowed obsequiously to foreign Heads of State.

He has been reluctant to honor America’s traditional allies, like Israel, our strongest partner in an otherwise hostile Middle East, and Great Britain, our most staunch ally, but the Colonial power that ruled and modernized Kenya.

He refuses to call our enemies of 9-11, and a dozen attacks before that, what they are, fanatical Islamic terrorists.

He refuses to use the word “victory” in describing our “exit strategy” in wars against alQaida in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Bowing to the political pressures of his own party, he has imposed losing strategies in these two conflicts by announcing withdrawal deadlines regardless of conditions on the ground.

While facing a world of unprecedented danger and tenuous alliances, his most recent military budget cuts severely weaken our national security while a burgeoning federal bureaucracy continues to be financed. To Mr. Obama, “Peace Through Strength” is a foreign concept.

He has emasculated our space program, ordering NASA “to reach out to the Muslim world to help them feel better … about their contributions to math, engineering and science.”

Through his energy policies ignoring viable domestic sources, America is more energy dependent than ever.

Is America stronger or weaker? Read the book and decide.