The Contagious Spirit Of Giving

Dear Pamela,

When I had no vehicular means of getting a piece of plywood from City Mill to my home, I decided to walk it along, using my child’s two-wheeled Razor scooter. Just as I approached the most difficult slope, a couple in a pickup truck pulled over and offered assistance, insisting their empty truck bed could be put to good use. The gentleman helped me load it and drove me, the wood and the scooter to my home, even though they had to make a U-turn and go out of their way. Once at my home, he also helped me unload it, and so I wanted to thank this couple for their thoughtfulness in helping a stranger without hesitation.

Andy Henry

Dear Pamela,

I lost my purse while on my bike. My phone, keys, ID, bank card, several prescriptions and meds, disability bus pass and Medicare card were in it, so I desperately retraced nearly 15 miles looking for it. Today, a package arrived by priority mail: An unknown angel found and mailed my purse, with ALL its contents, to me. To whomever my unknown angel is, may your caring and generosity be returned hundreds-fold! There are incredible people out there, and I have been blessed by one of them.

Kahana Ho

Dear Pamela,

My 95-year-old mom and I went to visit my father’s grave at Diamond Head Cemetery. As my mother got out of the car, the walker rolled backward and she fell. A guardian angel named Elizabeth suddenly appeared, picked up my mom and placed her gently in the walker seat. She then proceeded to push my mom across the grass, respectfully maneuvering around the headstones, all the way to my father’s niche. Everything happened so fast, I barely had time to thank her before she zipped away. I hope our angel sees this so she will know I will be forever grateful for her help that day.

Carol Sakamoto

Hi Pamela,

While shopping at Costco Kapolei with my 2-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter, I wondered how to get a case of bottled water in my shopping wagon. I had my 20-pound daughter in a baby carrier attached to me. I knew I couldn’t bend down to carry the case, then put it on the bottom of my wagon and then stand up. Then this woman beside me asks, “You want one? I can put it in your wagon.” I thanked her but never got her name. I am so grateful for strangers who take the time to do these simple things for others. It may be just a simple tasks to some, but it’s a huge favor to me.

N. Calloway
Ewa Beach

Dear N., Carol, Kahana and Andy,

The spirit of giving is contagious during the holidays. Your Anonymous Angels have learned the joy of being of service to others all year round. Their greatest reward is seeing you safe and healthy.

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