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Consumer to Contractor Connection

PBN Connect founder Fred Matthews

Fred Matthews, founder of PBN Connect, is connecting consumers to contractors who can perform quality work with respect to their budget. PBN Connect was conceived this past spring, and according to Matthews the concept was to create a reverse-bid auction platform against popular business categories typically found in your phone book.

“Like most homeowners, I found myself in a situation where I needed to call on the services of both a carpet installer and a handy person. I needed someone who could perform quality work with respect to my budget,” says Matthews, who was born and raised in Kailua. “Do I pay for a tainted list of contractors who paid for their favorable ranking? Do I work with a company that gives me ballpark figures of what they’re willing to do the job for? I felt like I deserved better as a consumer, and the idea of PBN Connect is a reflection of that.”

PBN Connect is an online source that primarily focuses on businesses specializing in home improvement, such as remodeling, roofing or plumbing. The company also caters to 40 service categories overall, from auto repair to catering and wedding photography. PBN Connect is a multi-city service and each online directory will reflect local businesses within each city.

“PBN Connect provides businesses and consumers leverage, transparency and control, which are the underlining themes of two key features: The Board Room and The Scouting Report,” Matthews explains. “The Board Room is an administrative feature which allows both businesses and consumers to manage several projects simultaneously throughout the entire procurement cycle. The Scouting Report is a ranking system determined by the quality of past performance, bid activity and weighted against the size of the job.”

Fully committed to supporting businesses at or below $10 million in annual revenue, Matthews, a graduate of Kamehameha Schools, says PBN Connect is all in favor of the underdog.

“We offer a service where the consumer has the ability to leverage competitive pricing against quality of work. Then, we’re able to provide businesses with a complimentary lead-generation tool with unmatched support. There’s nothing more rewarding than truly offering a win-win for both parties.”

Matthews also recognizes the challenges at hand.

“Our challenge is educating both business and consumer on a new way to do business.”

Although PBN Connect is in the midst of its launch, Matthews and his team have their sights set on increasing business growth.

For more information or to register on PBN Connect, visit pbnconnect.com.