Comprehensive Restorations

By Wayne Rhoden
General Manager of A&W Disaster Recovery LLC

A&W Disaster Recovery LLC is a locally owned and operated, diverse company that is able to provide complete restoration and renovation services from start to finish.


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A&W Disaster Recovery provides complete restoration and renovation services PHOTOS COURTESY A&W DISASTER RECOVERY LLC

It was first established in 1993 as A&W Interior Specialist Cleaners, which was founded by myself and Alan Mata, while working as heavy-equipment truck drivers at Piperidge Farms Inc. We would clean the Piperidge trucks for many of the drivers. Eventually, I took over the operations, and since have had the privilege to provide carpet maintenance and restoration to Hawaii’s local businesses and homeowners.

In 2004, A&W Disaster Recovery LLC began providing specialty restoration services for fire, flood and mold remediation and renovations.

A&W is a fully insured and licensed contractor, which has a strong risk-management and quality-control program in place to ensure quality results are delivered to clients.

Building trust, maintaining relationships, and satisfying the needs of Hawaii’s businesses and homeowners through exceptional customer service always have been our focus.

A&W always is looking for ways to give back to the community. As one of our upcoming community efforts, we are proud to be a part of Ohana Gates Project. The project involves a family venue geared toward a racing facility for automotive enthusiasts. It is still in the planning stages, and more information will be provided to the public very soon!

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