Coming Together To Care

This year marks the 10th annual I Love Liliha Town Festival to be presented by Catholic Women’s Guild and sponsored by St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii.


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Corinne Ching

Catholic Women’s Guild of Hawaii traces its spiritual roots to an 1859 women’s auxiliary formed to aid the Sacred Hearts sisters upon their arrival. It was formally organized as an altar society in 1887 and, in 1890, reorganized as a benevolent society concerned with social welfare in Honolulu. The present-day organization is the direct result of Catholic Women’s Aid Society, which merged in 1946 with St. Francis Hospital Guild. This guild had formed in 1926 in a meeting held at Princess Abigail Kawananakoa’s home, with a purpose to assist “in every way possible” St. Francis Hospital, which opened the following year. This assistance to the hospital was tirelessly provided by Catholic Women’s Guild throughout the decades that this landmark hospital in Liliha served the community under the Sisters of St. Francis.

Catholic Women’s Guild continues in its mission to foster and encourage the spirit of charity in the community, and assist other societies, associations and corporations involved in educational, charitable, benevolent work. Sponsored by St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii, the guild will help present the Liliha festival, an event focused on creating a healthy, vibrant Liliha and a celebration of this unique community Sunday (Aug. 25), from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Kuakini Street in front of Liliha Bakery. It will begin with entertainment by Danny Kaleikini and the Royal Hawaiian Band. The annual “Spirit of Liliha” civic awards will be presented at noon.

The guild wishes to highlight its historical connection to the community of Liliha and to connect with the Liliha of today at this celebration of goodwill that brings together residents, businesses, health care service providers, educational and civic entities in the continued spirit of community and aloha.