Comfort Among Burgled

Dear Pamela,

Two days after buying a used car, it gave me so much trouble. It was in the rain overnight and it leaked like nobody’s business. The front carpet was soaked with at least a bucket of water, so I took it to Richard’s Auto Glass Shop on the corner of King and Cedar. Roland, the owner, is an angel in disguise. He came to my rescue. He is a wonderful human being, and this senior wants to thank him sincerely.

Margaret Yamauchi

Dear Margaret,

Roland Shibasaki says he takes his cues from his late father. “My father started this business 63 years ago,” he says. “Richard’s Auto Glass Shop is the oldest glass operation in Honolulu. Since I was the oldest, he told me everything a father would tell his son. I’ve tried to conduct myself the way my dad raised me. We try to help people, especially the elderly who don’t know anything about cars. Cars are a big investment. Ms. Yamauchi was one of the many people we’ve assisted. At Richard’s, the older you are, the better service you get!”

Dear Pamela,

Could you please give our sincere thanks to the manager/owner of Mix Cafe in Honolulu? My husband and I were eating lunch there, and in a hurry left our iPad there. We didn’t remember it till later that day, but the next morning the manager called us and told us they had it.

They refused any reward and we were so thankful that we were able to retrieve it.

Mike and Julie Ohara

Dear Mike and Julie,

Bruno Iezzi, owner of Mix Cafe, thanks you for your letter but feels it’s unnecessary since you personally expressed your appreciation when you picked up your iPad. “People are always forgetting things,” he says. “No need to thanks us, but this was nice anyway.”

Dear Pamela,

Coming home from work my car battery died. I heard the angry honks behind me – understandably – and felt horrible, and scared. A man came out of a truck and asked me if I was OK. Without assistance, he pushed my car to the right shoulder lane on Puuloa. Later, he came back and offered to tow my car home, using his truck. To this man: I’m sorry I didn’t get your name. I cannot thank you enough. Your selfless act that night was beyond a “random act of kindness” – you may have saved my life.

I would also like to thank an outstanding police officer who stopped to check on me that night. The officer stopped traffic in the right lane so that my car could be jump-started safely.

Amber Stierli
Salt Lake

Dear Amber,

Your anonymous angel and the tow company were assisted by Officer Alan Lu out of District 5, Kalihi, says Capt. Andrew Lum.