Clinics Installing Pet Microchips

A microchip in a furry friend can save time, money and possibly even lives, if a pet gets separated from its owner. That’s why Windward veterinarians, in partnership with Hawaiian Humane Society, are offering a reduced-cost $10 microchip implant to all cat and dog owners through July 31.

Every animal receives a unique microchip number that is registered in an Oahu database, enabling organizations like HHS to identify lost animals easily. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted beneath the skin between a cat or dog’s shoulder blades.

Participating Windward clinics are Feather & Fur Animal Hospital (254-1548), Haiku Veterinary Clinic (235-6405), Kailua Animal Clinic (263-8863), Kamaaina Canine & Cat Care (222-5471) and Makai Animal Clinic (262-9621). Pet owners should schedule an appointment before bringing in their pet. For more information, visit