Church Hosts Transformational Rock Show

Andy Harrison

Andy Harrison

Transformational rock music comes to Kaneohe Atrium building at 6:30 p.m. Sunday with a concert/workshop by musician and author Andy Harrison titled “Grow Happy: The 5 Transforming Steps of Lasting Happiness” (also his book’s title).

Harrison will perform at Windward Unity Church, located in Suite 303 at the Atrium at 46-005 Kawa St. The program features Harrison and the Ambassadors of Possibility Duo. Suggested donation is $20.

The group will share songs from their 13th CD, Permission to be Awesome, and Harrison will highlight principles he’s learned that can unlock internal happiness, once you’re free of habitual unconscious barriers.

“Unhappiness,” he explained, results when “one specific thought pattern gets stuck in our heads to the point where we don’t feel we have a choice about how we feel. Well-written songs have the capability of getting new thought patterns stuck in our heads.”

Those new patterns are part of Harrison’s nationally charted songs like Butterflies and Demons, Close to You and Spoke in the Wheel.

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