Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100

Christmas is right around the corner, but you still have time to purchase that last-minute gift for your favorite techies. There are countless items you can choose from, but here are a few of my recommendations:

Carbon Audio’s Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar.

Originally a Kickstarter project, this aesthetically pleasing speaker bar costs $99.95 in the Apple Store (or It’s a versatile speaker stand for your iPad that wirelessly supplements its tiny speaker. Since it’s a Bluetooth speaker, it works with any Bluetooth-compatible device, including your laptop. Uniquely made with flexible silicone construction, you can prop up a variety of devices while still cranking out your tunes. There’s even a built-in microphone for your (speakerphone) Skype or FaceTime calls. Using the Zooka won’t be a surround-sound experience, but it will certainly boost the levels from any built-in speaker from a mobile device.


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Carbon Audio’s Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar

CardNinja. The CardNinja is an $18 clever, stretchy backing for your cell phone that holds cash and credit cards in your choice of colors. Especially intended for guys, this is the perfect cell phone accessory since it eliminates the amount of stuff you have to carry, not to mention a wallet. This allows you to carry the essentials with you – phone, cash and credit card – without having to tote extra bulkage. You can fit up to eight cards in it, along with some cash. Keep in mind you’ll want to attach your CardNinja to a cell phone case you wouldn’t mind sacrificing since it attaches with adhesive. You can order a CardNinja at (free shipping if you order two or more), and you or your loved one might even receive it in time for Christmas.

Halo 4. Most hard-core Halo fans will probably have a copy of the latest Halo 4 for the Xbox 360, but just in case not, you’ll have to buy this for them. For $60, this will bring in hours of entertainment for the gamer in your life. In case you’re wondering, Halo 4 does pick up the thread that was left dangling at the end of Halo 3. Master Chief isn’t dead; he survived the previous release’s endgame events, only to find himself and his buddy Cortana stranded in orbit around a Forerunner world. The Covenant is back, and the first third of the game establishes that the planet is home to a grave threat. Of course, humanity’s future is at the hands of Mr. Fix It, Master Chief. It will be a blast!

Monster Mobile Jamz Headphones ControlTalk. A deal I found off eBay Deals: The Monster Mobile Jamz Headphones are only $35 (free shipping). These headphones are made of indestructible solid metal that doesn’t resonate, and will make your tunes sound great. All you’ll hear is the music; nothing else takes away the sound. It includes the ControlTalk Universal with a built-in microphone and answer/end button for hands-free calling.